The confidence to build a successful team

Using proven tools and strategies


RH-Strategy is exclusively designed for entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to build a successful team.


We help you with your time-consuming and/or worrisome HR issues so that you can focus on your core business.


This service will allow you to identify productive people and eliminate uncertainties about your employees.

RH-mètre Academy


These trainings provide all the know-how to attract, select, hire and manage the most valuable and productive co-workers.

We will support you with high-level recruitment tools:

A one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs

Re-energize your business process from A to Z.

Maximize individual, team and organizational performance

Build performing teams

The Human Potential Ruler

Learn to "read people" and enhance your team's productivity.

Identify the Source of Trouble and find Top Performers in the hiring process.

Accurately assess people's value to your business and determine the purpose of each relationship.


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We provide business owners the tools and assets to have a more performing human resource that will enable a priceless competitive advantage for their company.

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