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Our tailor-made consulting services

RH-mètre helps you with your time-consuming and/or worrisome HR issues so that you can focus on your core business.

Team Repair
Each employee is unique and works differently. Know more about your employees' real potentials and understand them better. You will then be able to give them jobs where they will give the best of themselves in terms of productivity and they will be fulfilled.

Post training coaching
Coaching to help you implement in your business, the tools acquired during our training.

Coaching on demand
Coaching to achieve professional or personal goals, or to meet a specific request.

Individual training on specific tools, followed by coaching sessions to ensure appropriation and effective application.

Group facilitation
Use of facilitation processes in group activities to achieve concrete results using collective intelligence.

Remote coaching on all kinds of concerns that arise in real action daily conditions.

Welcome Pack
Coaching to create and use a Welcome Pack to facilitate the welcoming and integration of your new employees. An essential tool for successful hiring.

Taking Up New Post
You have just been promoted or you became a manager. Now you must direct or advise your former coworkers and colleagues. This service will allow you to avoid falling into the classic traps of taking up a new post, adopting the correct posture, installing new landmarks to go through this transition with certainty, determination and success.

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We provide business owners the tools and assets to have a more performing human resource that will enable a priceless competitive advantage for their company.

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