Our training sessions are very practical and they allow you to master all the tools to help you build your dream team with confidence.

How to spot productive people

Learn how to sort candidates and select the most relevant and productive ones in the least possible time.

How to attract the right people

Discover secrets quite unknown to the general public to avoid unproductive candidates and attract only people who correspond only to your expressed needs.

How to build and maintain a performing team

Discover the secrets to building a performing team with a minimum chance of making a mistake. Learn also how to manage such a team to get the most out of it.

How to read behind the mask

It is no secret that the way one perceives someone from the outside rarely matches what is inside. We all have our own idea of what we want to be, how we would like to handle situations and, to some extent, how to comply with what is expected of us. Learn how to find the real character behind the social mask. (Prerequisite: having completed the training "How to build and maintain a successful team".)

How to conduct a VIP-Interview

Discover what questions to ask to make sure you only find the candidates that will help you achieve your goals.

How to conduct a hiring interview

Find out all the facets of hiring, the attitude to have, the questions to ask and how to analyze the candidates' answers to be sure to pick the right candidate that you need.

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