Leaded Piece

Might look solid and full of goodwill,
but their ability to create added value for the business is weak.

The Fair Performer

These are people who seem able and willing to comply with given instructions but turn out to require more than the normal effort to get them to do anything. They are resistant, passive, and difficult to deal with. They blame their managers and tend to talk about them in a derogatory manner. They absorb the manager’s energy and attention.

Left undetected or unhandled, the leaded pieces transfer their attitude to their coworkers and gradually extend their negative impact on the company as a whole.

It takes a strong personality and good handling skills to move such people in the right direction. If you are not able to fix the leaded piece, then replace it with a performer.

Have you ever detected a leaded piece in your teams?
How did you handle that?

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