Reliable Doer

Contributes to simple and plain tasks in area of competence.
Cannot be left without supervision for a very long time.

The Chess board Pieces

They do what they are told to do—nothing less, nothing more. They act like spectators in the company and will never have initiatives or ideas for the growth of the company. And as if that is not enough, they are hard to motivate. It is probably best for the business owner to instead invest in a good computer program that will do the same job than taking on such people. The software would be more reliable, would not ever complain, and would cost much less money than the salary the company pays these employees.

Most business owners lower their standards in hiring and end up considering employees who behaves as pieces. The truth is, it is not normal and it is not acceptable to have such employees on your team.

The solution here is to confront the math of how much this ineffectiveness costs your company. And based on that, calculate whether this is an expense worth spending your hard-earned money on. Your entrepreneurial life will be different once you are clear of any unnecessary fires.

Have you ever detected a piece in your team?
How did you handle that?

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