Human Potential

Most of the difficulties met by business owners can be traced back to a relationship they have with a person that is either not performing at the right level or doesn't have the right attitude and mindset. These people can be employees, partners, associates, suppliers, vendors, clients, and the list goes on.

Know your potential

To overcome such situations, it is important that an entrepreneur develops the ability to “read people.” This is a skill so critical that not having it can be equated to operating like a bull in a china shop.

Here are ten situations; seven of which are obstacles to smooth business operations, and the other three are the desired scenarios for an enjoyable entrepreneurial journey.

Top Performer - Team Maker
Performer - Top Contributor
Top Doer - Contributor
Diligent Doer - Top Team Player
Dedicated Doer - Team Player
Reliable Doer - Piece
Fair Performer - Leaded Piece
Poor Performer - Broken Piece
Trouble Maker - Trouble Source
Toxic Person - Team Killer

By being able to identify these different types of employees and acting accordingly you can make your life as a business owner much easier and allow your business to thrive

With a team of high caliber employees you can stop spending your time putting out fires and invest it into what matters most to you.

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