Team Maker

Tackles everything that needs to be done and more.
Can engage in a new area and optimize it quickly. Takes initiative and motivates others.

Top Performer

The best situation is the one where you have the Top-performers. They do everything that needs to be done and more. They can tackle a new area and quickly improve it. They take initiative and motivate others. They are real team-makers. They are the crème de la crème.

These are the employees you don’t want to lose in your team. They are creative, self-motivated. They don’t absorb your attention, instead, they give you theirs.

Don’t take them for granted. Take very good care of them. Acknowledge them for their contribution to your progress. Find their purpose and drive, and contribute to the achievement of their professional and personal goals. Create for them opportunities where they can create their own game on your playing ground. Allow them to grow and you will grow together. Keep the game going.

Have you ever experienced working with a top-performer? How was it?

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