Team Player

Carries out what is asked in most cases, but can get stuck when things are complicated or when decisions must be made.

Dedicated Doers

The next situation is the one where the business is surrounded with team players. These people are loyal and dedicated doers. They show a certain interest in being part of the company. They often are family members and usually have vested interests in the success of the company. They do their part of the job, but tend to be limited and need instructions when important decisions are necessary.

This is a field that tempts business owners to be very complacent and lower their standard to avoid problems, or to avoid being perceived as non-appreciative of the efforts these people are putting in the company. The business owner ends up doing the extra work themself. As you can imagine the business owner will easily get overwhelmed taking on duties that would have otherwise been done by someone else.

It takes guts and courage to break through this and move these people to a level where they are fully contributive team members. It will require collaborative efforts from both parties, but it can be well worth it. On the other hand, if they are not willing, then you need even more courage to come up with the best solution for the company, the person, and you.

Have you ever detected a team player in your teams?
How did you handle that?

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