Diligent Doer

Performs the job effectively but needs to be supervised
and sometimes needs help solving problems.

Top Players

The term “top player” sounds very desirable. Imagine someone saying “I have top players on my team.” Doesn’t it capture your attention, like the speaker found the best there is in the industry? Well, while having top players on your team is comfortable, it does come with one hidden element that you as a business owner must be attentive to.

How do these top players handle problems?

It’s important to look at their problem solving skills versus delegation. Do they accomplish what they are supposed to do, do it well, and are loyal and dedicated until a problem pops up? Are they only comfortable when they have some supervision?

How about you the business owner, have you mentored these players to handle business in your absence? Or have you limited their responsibility to only the times when things are running smoothly?

I’ve noticed that many business owners allow a culture where all problems big or small have to wait for their decision. This usually stems from a time when the business was very small and the owner didn’t have a team. This mode of operation should not continue once a team of top players has been put in place.

A business owner who continues to be the only one to handle problems will always be needed in their company. Common excuses to justify their unwillingness to delegate are “my company is my baby,” “they cannot do without me,” “each time I am away problems appear…”

To get out of this situation, the business owner needs to realize that even though the business is her baby, this baby needs to grow and be able to live and succeed on its own. Maintaining an unhealthy attachment to control easily leads to leaving behind an orphan business that is unable to survive on its own.

Have you ever experienced a situation when you worked with a top team players? How did you manage to move them to the next level?

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